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School Safety


Model School Safety Checklist–  The Model Safe Schools Checklist has been developed in compliance with Section 59-5-65 of the 1976 Code as amended by the General Assembly in 1990, pursuant to Regulation 43-166 adopted by the State Board of Education.   This model checklist is provided for use by school districts, or as a possible guide for developing a local checklist, to assist districts in assessing schools’ safety strengths and weaknesses as required by state law. 

Crisis Planning:
-Sample School Safety Plan

-SCDE Memo - July 16, 2013 (re: Proviso IA.EIA)

-FEMA's Guide for Developing High-Quality School Emergency Operations​

Background Checks:


Tuberculosis Requirements:

•DHEC Memo - July 31 2013 (re: tuberculosis requirments)

DHEC Form - 1420 (TB Certificate)

Bullying and Cyberbullying

Sample Policies & Procedures