​​​​McKinney-Vento Homeless

Vamshi Rudrapati
Director of Federal Programs
Email: Vrudrapati@sccharter.org
Phone: 803-734-1105

Homeless students are part of Title I, Part A’s target population of disadvantaged students; however, the high mobility, trauma, and poverty associated with homelessness create unique educational barriers and challenges that non-homeless Title I students may not face. Homelessness is associated with lower standardized test scores1 and a higher likelihood of missing school and/or experiencing multiple school transfers.2 Thus; homeless students often require additional supports for academic achievement and success on state assessments.
Presentation with audio 08/05/2016 (2016-2017)                                                            Attendan​ce survey

Homeless and Migrant Coordinator Webinar 15-16(Duration: 11:49)                              Attendan​ce survey

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