Title I Audit

Title I Audit Requirements and Resources
​​​​​​​​​​​Vamshi Rudrapati, Assistant Director of Federal Programs

Title I Update Presentation   Recording  (Duration 1:40)    
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SCPCSD Monitoring Checklist​-Review the checklist before 03/20/2015

State Title I Audit: May 05-06, 2015    

SCPCSD Fiscal Audit: July 20, 2015

District Responsibility​

Resources (Click h​ere​​ to use the link to submit the documentaion requested below)

Teacher List​ (Not required for 100% HQ schools
List of all Para Professional List​(Not required for schools with no para professionals)
Salary Split​ (all staff paid by Title I)
Teacher and Para List by Title I Plan (sent via email)
HQ Report Review (sent via email)

Equipment Checkout Samples

Title I Parent Survey         Spanish Version         Online Survey​      Due-May 30, 2015