The Learning Academy for Boys


​​​The Learning Academy for Boys (LAB)

  • ​Date Submitted:
  • Date of Interview:
  • Date of Hearing:  March 12, 2014
  • Outcome:
    • Copy of Decision
  • Opening Date:

  1. ​​Cover Page
  2. Narrative/Application
  3. Appendix
               A) Charter Committee
               B) Evidence of Support
               C) N/A
               ​D) Letter(s) from Sponsoring District regarding Desegregation Order
               E) School Calendar and Daily Schedule for the Academic Year
               F) N/A 
               G) Supporting documents for the described Educational programs
                         ​ G-4 ​(not certain) 
               H) Serving Students with Special Needs (not submitted) 
               I) Student handbook (not submitted) ​
               J) Bylaws
               K) Articles of Incorporation
               L) Organizational Chart (school administration, other employees, and their relationship to school)
               M) School Enrollment Projections Form 
               N) Five-Year Budget
               O) Ten-Year Budget​​
               P) N/A
               Q) N/A
               R) Job Description
               S) Key Employee Policies
               T) Insurance Estimate
               U) N/A
                V) N/A