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Jean Epps, Coordinator of Assessment
(803) 734-0117

SCDE Precode Website--Training segments are posted here (PowerPoint files with notes)​

PrecodeManual2015-16.pdf-Print and insert in a binder

Training (2015-16)

Overview (Please view FIRST) -  ​​17 minutes ​Precode Overview with audio.m4v

Precode for Special Education - 8 minutes   Precode SPED with audio.m4v

Precode for EOCEP - 5 minutes   EOCEP Precode Training with audio.m4v

Note: Course codes that were discontinued after 2014-15 include: Mathematics for the Technologies--3141, Applied Biology 1--3226, Algebra 1--4111, English 1--3011.

The course code for Applied Biology 2--3227, will be discontinued after the 2015-16 school year.

Course Name Changes: The course name for course code 4114 has been shortened to Algebra I.

The course name for course code 4117 has been shortened to Intermediate Algebra. The course name for course code 3024 has been shortened to English I.

These changes are shown on page 7 of the Precode Manual (version 1.2). Schools are responsible for using the correct, updated course codes for 2015-16 listed in the Activity Coding Manual.