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​​​PowerSchool State Reports

Adding EFA Weights

Editing EFA Weights

EFA Query

2014-15 EFA-Weightings

14-15 EFA and Students with Disabilities


Add On Weighting Update and Report Instructions

SCPCSD Funding Report Guide Instructions SC06 & SC02 (45th & 135th day)

Running SC01 State Report

SC02 Cumulative Class Report

SC03 Cumulative Class List

SC04 Daily Activities Log

SC05 Daily Activities Summary Log

SC06 Membership and Attendance Report

SC07 Membership and Attendance Worksheet

SC08 Master Classification List

SC27 Add On Weightings List Report

SC28 Add On Weightings Report

SCDE Data Collections

Viewing Data Quality and Reporting on SCDE Website

SCDE Data Collection Specific Fields Manual 15-16

15-16 SCDE Precode Manual

Mass Populate the Precode 14-15

SCDE Start of Year 2015

14-15 SCDE Funding Manual

 15-16 CATE Reporting Guide for PowerSchool

ESOL LEP PowerSchool Coding Cheat Sheet

2014 PowerSchool Coding for ELL using WAPT Coding

Homeless PowerSchool Coding Cheat Sheet

Coding Migrant Students in PowerSchool

Parent Military Status PowerSchool Coding Cheat Sheet

2015-2016 PS Page Changes

Contact Screen Info_Notes

2015 SCDE Dropout Data Manual

15-16 PS Admin Monthly Webinars

PS Admin 15-16 Webinar Schedule

Add-On Student Weightings PPT

January 2016 PowerSchool Admin Webinar (PPT)

January PS Admin Webinar (Recording)

February 2016 PS Admin Webinar (PPT)

February 2016 PS Admin Webinar Recording

March 2016 PS Admin Webinar PPT

March 2016 PS Admin Webinar Recording

April 2016 PS Admin Monthly Webinar

April 2016 PS Admin Webinar (includes EOY Prep) Recording

May 2016 PS Admin Monthly Webinar (PPT)

May 2016 PS Admin Webinar Recording
Reports / Report Card
FAQ & MISC Information

Medical Homebound

Use the Student Field Value function


3 Reasons State IDs will not Populate in PS

Basics Quick Reference Card for Searches

Pupil Accounting Manual (old version)

High School Courses and Requirements to Graduate

True Grade in PowerSchool

9GR in PowerSchool

Exporting from PowerSchool to Excel

Quick Export

PowerLunch Setup Documentation


SC Uniform Grading Policy

Permanently Store Q1 Grades

Permanently Storing Q2, S1, F1 Grades

Permanently Storing Grades F1_S2_Q4 Grades

Webinar - Storing Grades in PowerSchool

Edit Historical Grades in PowerSchool

Setting Up Honor Roll Based on Current Grades

Setting Up Honor Roll Based on Stored Grades

Tutorial: Honor Roll

How to Run Honor Roll

How to Create Multiple Historical Grade Entries (PowerSource)

How to create a Single Historical Grade Entry (PowerSource)


New Course Request

Activity Course Codes PP 15-16

15-16 SCDE Activity Course Codes revised June 2015

Credit Types Graduation Requirements and Course or Activity Identifiers


16-17 SCDE CourseActivityCodes Final November 2015

Un-enrolling and Enrolling Students Out of Activity Course Codes Instructions


Incident Management

Incident Management FAQ 2015

SCDE Incident Management Manual

IM Pre-recorded Webinar

Properly Entering Truancy Incidents in PowerSchool
Parent / Student Portal

PS Setting Up the Parent Portal

Parent Portal Single Sign-On

Parents - Signing into the Parent Portal for the 1st time (Pearson Video)

How to tell if the Parent Portal is or is not set up correctly

Logging into the Student Portal

Reset Parent Portal Password thru PowerSchool

Individual Graduation Plan

SCDE Individual Graduation Plan (IGP)

IGP FAQ Feb 2013 (School Level)

Setting Up IGP at the School Level


SCCharter PowerSchool Ticket System Portal​