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School Performance Framework (SPF)


By statute and contract, all charter schools authorized by the South Carolina Public Charter School District (SCPCSD) are obligated to provide a high quality education to students.  The SCPCSD developed the School Performance Framework (SPF) to provide a uniform evaluation framework for school performance. This framework is based on guidance by the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA), best practices of high quality charter school authorizers, and feedback provided by charter school stakeholders.

The SPF includes criteria by which all district charter schools are evaluated to determine if schools are meeting their statutory and contractual obligations, informing both the SCPCSD and school communities about school performance and sustainability. The standards are divided into three sections, and each asks a fundamental question: 

Academic Performance: Is the educational program a success?

Financial Performance: Is the school financially viable? 

Student and Family Rights: ​Is the school fulfilling its obligations​​​? ​

The School Performance Framework (SPF) can be downloaded from the following links

 The 2015-16 School Performance Framework

 The 2016-17 School Performance Framework 

​Core Performance System (CPS)

The SCPCSD Core Performance System (CPS), which the SPF is a part of, outlines the district's various accountability processes and focuses oversight on outcomes to support high-quality charter schools.

 Specifically, the CPS:

  • Defines academic, financial and operational standards, such as but not limited to, those listed in the SPF and those listed in school charters and contracts.
  • Establishes timelines for the SPF school evaluations and accountability actions throughout a school's charter.
  • Details the district's processes for differentiated school oversight and the methods through which school results will be communicated via the SCPCSD "Intervention Ladder".
  • Informs how school performance and accountability information in conjunction with other information will be used to make recommendations to the SCPCSD Board of Trustees related to charter expansion, replication, renewal or revocation/school closure.

The CPS can be downloaded from the following link:

​ ​​​The SCPCSD Core Performance System

Please contact Bobby Rykard, Director of Performance Management at or (803) 734-0669 with questions, concerns, or suggestions related to the School Performance Framework (SPF) or the Core Performance System (CPS).