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 Siddhartha Chowdri, Chief Finance and Operations Officer
 (803) 734-8017

 Monthly School Reports
 Miscellaneous                                                                                    Procurement  
  School Direct Deposit Authorization Form                                      Procurement Policy                                 
  School Travel Procedure
 Fixed Assets                                                                                      Sales and Use Tax
  Finance - Fixed Assets Accounting Procedures                                Sales and Use Tax Manual
  Finance - Fixed Assets Inventory Spreadsheet                                 eSales Online Filing
  Physical Inventories                                                                           Department of Revenue
  Fixed Assets Disposals Form
 Links                                                                                                   Presentations
  Office of Small and Minority Business Assistance Directory            8/6/14 Leaders's Meeting​
  SCDE Funding Manual                                                                       8/7/14 School Finance Meeting​​​
  SCDE Financial Accounting Handbook