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​​​​Educator Evaluation

Expanded ADEPT System
     ADEPT Overview Presentation (choose:  Windows Media or MP4 or YouTube format)
     ADEPT Overview Handout (includes rating scales & timelines)

     2006 ADEPT Guidelines
     2006 Induction & Mentoring Guidelines

     2015 Expanded ADEPT Guidelines
     2015-16 SCPCSD District ADEPT Plan

ADEPT/TAP Alignment
Schools that participate in the SC System for Teacher and Student Advancement (SC TAP), which has been approved under the ADEPT system, may use the resources below to convert TAP evaluations into the standard ADEPT reporting forms.
     SCDE Website for TAP
     SCDE Website for TAP-ADEPT Alignment
     ADEPT-TAP Conversion Chart
     ADEPT-TAP Conversion Calculator

Reporting Documents
Evaluation results for every certified teacher are reported annually to the District.  The forms below should be compiled into ONE submission and sumbitted via mail or hand-delivery.  All reporting is due April 29, 2016.
Induction Reporting Form for new teachers who are assigned a mentor
     SAFE-T Reporting Form​ for teachers undergoing formal evaluation
     GBE Reporting Form for professionally-certified teachers NOT in renewal year
     Recertification Evaluation Reporting Form for professionally-certified teachers in renewal year
     School Guidance Counselor Reporting Form
     Library Media Specialist Reporting Form
     Speech-Language Therapist Reporting Form

Evaluator/Mentor Certificates
Individuals who serve as an Induction mentor and/or a SAFE-T evaluator receive 30 hours of recertification credit for each year of service.  Principals may use the certificates below to document these hours.
     Evaluator Certificate
     Mentor Certificate

Measuring Student Growth
Student Growth, for the purpose of educator evaluation, is measured in two ways.  All teachers are required to write Student Learning Objectives (SLOs), and teachers in federally-mandated tested grades and subjects also use the Educator Value-Added Assessment System (EVAAS).  The ADEPT Overview Presentation (above) further explains these requirements.
     SC Value-Added Assessment System (SCVAAS Login)
     Student Learning Objective (SLO) Training Toolkit

Additional Resources
     SCDE Office of Teacher Evaluation
     Check Certification Status
     SAFE-T Evaluation Templates
     ADEPT for Library Media Specialists
     ADEPT for School Guidance Counselors
     ADEPT for Speech-Language Therapists
     Program for Assisting, Developing, and Evaluating Principal Performance (PADEPP)